cover-photoWriting, Music and Madness in the Science Fiction Age

Welcome to Writing, Music and Madness in the Science Fiction Age, a place where I get to vent my spleen and tell you what obsesses me lately. You’ll find news about my writing projects, book, music, and movie reviews, with the occasional social critique. I’ll also write about Attic of Love from time to time, and whatever else that may come to mind, really. Lastly, this space is as good a place as any to discuss homelessness and other social problems.


“Fearlessness. Empathy. Strangeness… With the fierceness of a rock’n’roller but with the carefulness of a poet.”

 —Daryl Gregory, (award-winning author of Afterparty, and We Are All Completely Fine.)

“This author understands that you need to risk being melodramatic in order to be honestly dramatic; it certainly worked for Charles Dickens and it works for Tisbert in this superbly crafted story (Living With Creely). With its spot-on descriptions of wasting illness, it candidly presents horror that can befall anyone. It is no less spot-on in its depiction of human relationships. Finally, the story refuses to take any of the sappy bromides as its theme: Not ‘love will endure,’ not ‘faith means salvation in the here and now,’ not ‘imagination is the balm in Gilead.’ There is something much bleaker and far more honest being said here—being said beautifully.”

                             —Mort Castle, (three time winner of the Bram Stoker Award)