1. Samurai
    October 16, 2016 @ 11:25 pm

    As someone with a solid comic book background, it’s not just that AquaMan sucks, it’s that the entire DC Universe sucks… Before I am attacked, allow me to explain; In the Marvel Comic universe that has been marketed ad nauseum, if you look at each hero, each minor support character and each villain, no matter how insignificant, they are all flawed. Not one of them is the perfect, rock-ribbed hero with a flag fluttering in the breeze behind them. I’ll take Iron Man for the most convenient example. In the comics, Iron Man’s alter ego was an arrogant womanizing alcoholic arms dealer with the personality of a snake. An injury to the chest and the most unlikely of men saving his life causes him to have a life change… and thus Iron Man is born, BUT, Tony Stark is still behind the armor, still dealing with the same demons that never left him. This is conspicuously absent in the DC Universe where each hero is almost like a marble statue with silly dialogue and naïve ideas about how ‘life really works’. The only here really to come out of that mold was Batman, but that was only during the “Dark Knight” arc. Now going backwards, Star Wars has never been science fiction. Ever. It’s much Star Trek in that it is Space Opera. It’s got all the players, the orchestral score, the sweeping vistas and the big ideas, but it lacks the technological punch of what I consider ‘pure’ science fiction. And of course, that definition is most certainly open to scrutiny. When George Lucas wrote the story for Star Wars, he very much had a World War II epic in mind. In fact, during production, clips of World War II era dogfights were scrutinized for the motion control of the models. Now, with all that said, Star Trek bears more into science fiction because that universe more or less tries to explain the technology used, but it’s still opera. Now here’s where things get abstract… why do we attend these movies? Escapism. Our daily lives blow goats and here are universes, pick your flavor, that make us forget that suckage. In some cases, we latch on to them and turn them into a quest to outgeek our fellow geeks. Maybe that is too simple an answer, maybe it’s trying to force justification on movies that are, admit it, utterly silly when viewed through the eyes of logic. Here’s the thing, though, even at age 43 and seeing Star Wars 475,000 times, I still get tingly when the music comes up and the crawl inches across the screen. I still get giggly when the Starship Enterprise comes into view with any number of captains stoically at the helm… and that’s before the myriad of other so-called pop culture icons that I have personally latched on to. So, what does that all mean? Make up your own mind and make your own decisions on that which you choose to watch, read or listen to.


    • admin
      October 20, 2016 @ 1:06 pm

      Now why would I go on the attack after such a well thought out and articulate reply? This is a civilized blog space, kiddo; please always feel free to argue. A discourse of conflicting ideas marked by manners and mutual respect is just the kind of escapism we need today from the reality of a presidential election lacking in all the above characteristics (intelligence, civilization, articulate language, manners, respect). Incidentally, the Star Trek movies that SHOULD have been made to my thinking are adaptations of SPOCK MUST DIE! and SPOCK MESSIAH.


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